Cross-border justice: for legal professionals


This section has information about the Cross-border Justice Scheme.

The scheme applies across borders between three jurisdictions - the Northern Territory (NT), South Australia and Western Australia.

When the scheme is used

The scheme applies to all persons for any of the following situations that are also known as triggers:

  • the offence is alleged to have taken place in the region
  • an offender was apprehended in the region
  • an alleged offender normally resides in the region.

Read more about the cross border justice scheme on the Northern Territory Government website.

What the scheme allows

A court must apply the laws of the jurisdiction where the offence is alleged or took place.

Cross-border magistrates can hear matters committed in any of the three jurisdictions that meet at least one of the triggers.

Police officers are appointed to apprehend and transport offenders, property, exhibits and witnesses across the relevant borders.

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Last updated: 22 March 2016

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