Cross-border justice: for legal professionals

Cross-border law enforcement and authority

Cross-border laws are enforced according to where the offence took place. If it took place in the NT and the offender was apprehended in South Australia for example, the offender is prosecuted according to NT laws.

The laws have no impact on other Australian jurisdictions.

Each of the three jurisdictions retains its sovereignty and laws.

Extradition warrants are unnecessary as allowed by Commonwealth laws.

Cross-border authority of magistrates

Magistrates and Local Court judges with cross-border authority are based in Alice Springs, Kalgoorlie and Port Augusta.

These Magistrates and judges are appointed by the Chief Magistrate or Chief Judge of the Local Court in each jurisdiction and sworn in by a Supreme Court judge.

Cross-border authority of officers

All of the following have authority in the three jurisdictions:

  • police officers
  • prison officers
  • probation and parole officers
  • juvenile justice staff
  • other community corrections workers.

Evaluation of the scheme

The Cross-border Justice Scheme was independently evaluated in 2012 and 2013. 

You can request copies of the evaluations from the contacts listed in this section.

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Last updated: 27 November 2018

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