Whistleblower Protection Laws

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Public Consultation

The Northern Territory Government is seeking public feedback on current whistleblower protection laws. These are laws that enable people to report cases of government corruption so that they can be investigated. The laws aim to protect whistleblowers from being sacked, taken to court, or from being targeted for retribution in other ways. Currently, whistleblowers can make their claims to the Public Interest Disclosure Commissioner.

We would like to hear from you if:

  • You have reported corruption by government officers or a government body: Were the legal protections and support you received adequate? If not, what could be improved?
  • You witnessed or became aware of corruption by government officers or a government but did not report it: What concerns did you have that stopped you taking action?
  • You have ideas of how the law could be improved to better protect whistleblowers (people who report corruption).

More Information

A consultation paper on whistleblower protection is available here

Submissions should be received on or before COB 17 February 2017.

Please email your story or your comments to agd.whistleblowerfeedback@nt.gov.au.

Comments received will be considered by government as part of a policy development process. Please think carefully whether you wish to provide your name or information that might identify you, as we cannot promise to keep responses confidential. If you would like to provide feedback anonymously, you can also send your comments by using the feedback form below. Please note that we cannot reply to queries made through the feedback form unless you provide your contact details.

Last updated: 30 July 2021

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