OPCAT - Monitoring of Places of Detention

Consultation is now closed.

A draft consultation Bill and issues paper has been released for public comment.  

The Monitoring of Places of Detention (Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture) (National Uniform Legislation) Bill 2013 will provide, after the Commonwealth Government ratifies the Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Violence), for independent monitoring of places and facilities in the Northern Territory where people are detained.   

This monitoring incudes both monitoring by the relevant NT authorities (not yet determined) or by the international Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture and Other Cruel, Inhumane or Degrading Treatment or Punishment of the Committee against Torture.   

To view the Bill and paper

Consultation paper for monitoring places of detention PDF (152.3 KB)

Monitoring of places of detention PDF (187.0 KB)

Comments on the Bill are sought by 22 July 2013.

Comments and feedback should be sent to :
Director Legal Policy
Department of the Attorney-General and Justice
GPO Box 1722 DARWIN  NT  0801

Or by email to Policy.AGD@nt.gov.au

Last updated: 09 July 2015

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