Discussion Paper: Reviewing the criminal law relating to drink spiking

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In 2005 the Ministerial Council of Drug Strategy requested that the Model Criminal Code Officers' Committee (MCCOC) review the criminal law relating to drink spiking. In the discussion paper, MCCOC examines the extent to which existing offences in Australian jurisdictions criminalise drink spiking as well as the historical basis for relevant criminal provisions in each State and Territory jurisdiction. 

The discussion paper also looks at the reforms and various initiatives that have been implemented by States and Territories to date. The discussion paper recommends a drink spiking offence (without further intent).

The MCCOC welcomes submissions on all aspects of the discussion paper. All submissions will be considered as part of the process of finalising the Committee's recommendations.

Submissions will be accepted until Friday 9 June 2006 and can be forwarded to:

MCCOC Secretariat
c/- Criminal Justice Division
Attorney-General's Department
Robert Garran Offices
National Circuit

or mccocsecretariat@ag.gov.au

Last updated: 09 July 2015

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