Solicitor-General for the Northern Territory

The Solicitor-General is a statutory officer appointed pursuant to the Law Officers Act 1978 and is a separate, independent source of legal advice to the Attorney-General.

The Solicitor-General is responsible for the provision of high-level legal advice to the Attorney-General, executive government and the Cabinet Office.  The Solicitor-General is also required, at the discretion of the Attorney-General, to provide advice to Parliament and its various committees.

The Solicitor-General also acts as counsel for the Crown in right of the Northern Territory of Australia, and for any other agency or person as requested by the Attorney-General.  In particular, the Solicitor-General appears in matters where the legislative, executive or judicial powers of the Territory or the Commonwealth are in question, or where the interpretation of the Commonwealth Constitution is raised.

The Solicitor-General also holds appointment as the Statutory Supervisor of the legal profession in the Northern Territory pursuant to the Legal Profession Act 2006, and is the legal advisor to the Statehood Steering Committee.

The current Solicitor-General for the Northern Territory is Sonia Brownhill SC.  Prior to her appointment, Ms Brownhill practised at the private bar as a member of William Forster Chambers.  Ms Brownhill had previously worked as a solicitor with the Solicitor for the Northern Territory, initially in the Aboriginal Land Division and later in the Solicitor-General’s Chambers, until she was appointed as Crown Counsel, which appointment she held until moving to the private bar.

Crown Counsel and other counsel within the Solicitor-General's Chambers act as junior counsel to the Solicitor-General, and provide advice to the full range of government agencies.

Sonia Brownhill, Solicitor-General for the Northern Territory

Sonia Brownhill SC, Solicitor-General

Last updated: 16 June 2020

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