Child Deaths Review and Prevention Committee

The Northern Territory (NT) Child Deaths Review and Prevention Committee (CDRPC) was established in 2008, under chapter 3 part 3.3 section 209 of the Care and Protection of Children Act 2007.

This is following recommendations in the NT Parliament’s Board of Inquiry into the protection of Aboriginal children from sexual abuse report - ‘Little Children are Sacred’.

The CDRPC is accountable to the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice.

What the committee does

The key responsibilities of the CDRPC are to fulfil the objectives of the Act.

This means they assist in the prevention and reduction of child deaths in the NT by:

  • maintaining a child deaths register
  • conducting or sponsoring research about child deaths
  • developing policy to deal with child deaths, diseases and accidents.

You can find child death statistics for Australia and New Zealand under the 'inter-jurisdictional comparisons' section on the Queensland Family and Child Commission website.


Members of the CDRPC are appointed by the Minister for Justice.

Their appointment is based on their qualifications and experience related to the functions of the CDRPC. The organisation or department they are from is not considered.

The CDRPC includes the following members:

  • Ms Jeanette Kerr - Convenor
  • Ms Amanda Hubber - Deputy Convenor
  • Commander Sachin Sharma
  • Mr Kelvin Currie
  • Dr Marianne Tiemensma
  • Ms Colleen Gwynne
  • Dr Robert Parker
  • Ms Priscilla Atkins
  • Dr Kathryn Roberts
  • Professor Gary Robinson
  • Mr Stephen Boyle
  • Ms Sally Sievers
  • Dr Gargan Garg
  • Ms Cecelia Gore.


Child Deaths Review and Prevention Committee
Local Court
Nichols Place
Darwin NT 0800

GPO Box 1281
Darwin NT 0801

Phone: 08 8999 7597

Last updated: 26 May 2022

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