About us

The Northern Territory Department of Attorney-General and Justice is responsible for all of the following:

Legal services

  • Solicitor-General's Chambers
  • Policy Coordination
  • Legal Policy
  • Commercial
  • Litigation
  • Crimes Victims Service Unit
  • Domestic Violence Directorate
  • Criminal Justice Research and Statistics
  • Legal Services Coordination.

Director of Public Prosecutions

  • Crown Prosecutions
  • Summary Prosecutions
  • Witness Assistance Services.

Courts and tribunals

Independent offices

Associated legal agencies and independent bodies with the department include:


Hon. John Elferink MLA

Minister for Children and Families – Children’s Commission
Minister for Health – Health and Community Services Complaints Commission 

Read more on the Legislative Assembly website.

Hon. Adam Giles MLA

Chief Minister

Read more on the Legislative Assembly website.

Hon. Bess Price MLA

Minister for Statehood

Read more on the Legislative Assembly website.

Executive management team

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Meredith Day is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

Chief Executive Officer

Greg Shanahan is the Chief Executive Officer.

Last updated: 01 July 2016