Director-General: Liquor decisions - Complaints / Investigations

Liquor decisions are now published by the Liquor Commission.

The Director-General of Licensing makes decisions on matters under a range of Acts. Decisions that are considered to be in the public interest are published here.

Director-General decisions - Complaints / Investigations

Decision title Decision date Word doc PDF file
Jingili Foodland - Complaint pursuant to Section 67(3)(g)(i) of the Liquor Act 21/02/2018 44.5 kb 109.4 kb
PINT Club Incorporated - Complaint pursuant to section 68 of the Liquor Act 31/01/2018 88.9 kb 289.0 kb
Opium - Alleged breach of s.106B(1) of Liquor Act 11/07/2017 45.4 kb 107.5 kb
The Parap Tavern - Complaint against Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group Pty Ltd 16/06/2017 49.9 kb 1.3 mb
Wycliffe Well Store - Complaint pursuant to section 68 of the Liquor Act 07/07/2016 67.8 kb 175.5 kb
Devils Marbles Hotel - Breach of sections 10C and 106CA of the Liquor Act 28/10/2015 39.7 kb 79.3 kb

Last updated: 19 June 2019

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