Review of takeaway licence conditions in Alice Springs

On 12 June 2018, following an own initiative inquiry, the Northern Territory Liquor Commission (the Commission) varied conditions regulating takeaway sales for 19 liquor licences in the Barkly region.  In its decision, the Commission noted that it had received community representations to also hold a similar inquiry in Alice Springs.

Having now considered those representations, the Commission has decided to inquire into the licence conditions regulating the supply of takeaway liquor in Alice Springs and the surrounding district.

Currently, takeaway liquor is available from ten outlets to the Alice Springs public from 2 pm to 9 pm Monday to Friday, and from 10 am to 9 pm on Saturdays and public holidays (excluding Good Friday and Christmas Day).  On Sundays, takeaway liquor is available from two drive-through bottleshops between noon and 9 pm.  It is prohibited to sell longneck beer bottles or wine casks larger than 2 litres in Alice Springs.  In addition, no more than one bottle of fortified wine or wine cask may be purchased per person per day, and only after 6pm.

The Commission invites written submissions from members of the public, government agencies and community organisations on the conditions that should apply to takeaway licences in Alice Springs and the surrounding district.

When the consultation period has ended, the Commission will issue the affected licensees with a notice of any variations it proposes, together with the Commission’s reasons.  The licensees will be invited to respond within 28 days, following which the Commission will issue its decision regarding takeaway liquor licence conditions.

Submissions should be lodged via email at or via post to GPO Box 1154, Darwin, NT, 0801, no later than 4 pm on 28 September 2018.  Unless submissions are marked “Confidential”, the Commission reserves the right to post them on its website.

Submissions received

Alex Nelson
Review of takeaway licence conditions in Alice Springs submission Alex Nelson.pdf 143.2 KB

Alice Springs Major Business Group
Alice Springs Major Business Group Submission 280918.pdf 180.3 KB

Australian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM)
Australian College for Emergency Medicine Submission. pdf.pdf 149.3 KB

Australian Hotels Association (NT Branch)
AHA NT submission to the Liquor Commission 280918.pdf 285.7 KB

Australian Liquor Stores Association and Retail Drinks Australia
Joint Retailers Submission.pdf 368.1 KB

Central Australia Liquor Accord
Liquor Accord response to NT Liquor Commission.pdf 182.8 KB

Central Australian Aboriginal Congress
Congress Submission re Alice Springs Takeaway Licences FINAL as submitted 28 September 2018.pdf 304.2 KB

Chamber of Commerce NT
Review of Take Away Liquor Licence Conditions in AS 2018 Chamber of Commerce.pdf 202.1 KB

Dr Bernard Hickey
Submission by Dr Bernard Hickey 280918.pdf 205.5 KB

Gillen Club
Gillen Club Response to NT Liquor Commission.pdf 41.4 KB

Jason Dyer
Suggestion to the NT Liquor Commission for Alice Springs Take Away Alcohol.pdf 7.9 KB

Jonathan Pilbrow
Submission Jonathan Pilbrow.pdf 47.2 KB

Lasseters Submission NT Liquor Commission Sep18.pdf 18.6 KB

Lhere Artepe Supermarkets
Lhere Artepe Supermarkets Submission 280818.pdf 301.3 KB

Peoples Alcohol Action Coalition
PAAC submission to Liquor Commission 26.9.18.pdf 721.6 KB

Robyn Lambley MLA
Submission Review of Alice SpringsTake away Liquor licences Robyn Lambley.pdf 321.2 KB

Tangentyere Council Aboriginal Corporation
Tangentyere Council Aboriginal Corporation Submission Letter 02102018.pdf 667.7 KB

Tourism Central Australia
Submission Tourism Central Australia.pdf 177.4 KB

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Last updated: 05 November 2018