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Annual reports

The Liquor Commission is required to prepare an annual report and submit it to the Minister within three months of the end of the financial year, which reports on its operations during the year.

Northern Territory Liquor Commission Annual Report 2018-2019 PDF (1.1 MB)

Previous annual reports available here.


Policy and procedures manual

The main purpose of this manual is to provide members of the Liquor Commission (Commission) with information to help them exercise their powers and perform functions under the Liquor Commission Act 2018 and the Liquor Act 2019. The Commission has decided to publish the manual to allow members of the public to better understand how the Commission works, and to make the Commission’s decision-making processes more transparent and accountable.

The manual includes the Commission’s guidelines specifying the types of pecuniary interests that a member must disclose under section 21 of the Liquor Commission Act 2018.

Northern Territory Liquor Commission policy and procedures manual PDF (738.8 KB)


Section 29(2) of the Liquor Commission Act 2018 provides for the following persons to apply to the Northern Territory Liquor Commission (Commission) for a review of a decision of the Director of Liquor Licensing (Director):

  1. the applicant affected by a decision regarding an application;
  2. any person affected by a decision regarding disciplinary action;
  3. a licensee affected by a decision regarding the licence or authority held by the licensee;
  4. any person who made a submission, complaint or objection during the process that resulted in the decision;
  5. any other person given a right to review under the Liquor Act 2019.

The application must be made in the following approved form:

Application for Review of Decision of Director  PDF (161.2 KB)

Codes of Practice

Section 20 of the Liquor Act 2019 provides that the Commission may establish codes of practice to regulate the following matters:

  1. the advertising and promotion of liquor by licensees;
  2. the conduct of business under a licence or an authority;
  3. the operation of licensed premises;
  4. the management of customers, purchasers and patrons by licensees, including the management of their safety;
  5. the establishment of ethical standards and practices for licensees.

The Commission is required to publish any code of practice it establishes.

It is a condition of a licence that the licensee comply with the provisions of any code of practice established and published by the Commission.

On 21 October 2020, the Commission established a Code of Practice for the Responsible Advertising and Promotion of Liquor PDF (305.5 KB).

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Last updated: 23 October 2020

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