Liquor Commission


The Commission consists of at least four appointed members, with three members (Chairperson and two members – one with a health background) required to be in attendance for a hearing.

The Chairperson must be a lawyer with a minimum of five years post-admission experience and be of good standing in the community. The Deputy Chairperson shares the same qualifications as the Chairperson, and also enjoys good standing in the legal profession. The Deputy Chairperson stands in as the Chairperson from time to time, when needed.

At least one sitting member must have a health background.

The Minister can also appoint others to the Commission if satisfied that they have the appropriate knowledge, experience and expertise to make a valuable contribution.

The following people were appointed as members of the Liquor Commission on 28 February 2018:

Chairperson - Richard Coates
With over 40 years’ experience as a lawyer, Richard was previously the Director of Public Prosecutions, Chief Executive Officer of the Department of Justice, Director of the NT Legal Aid Commission, NT Magistrate and Principal Lawyer at Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service (CAALAS) in Alice Springs.

Deputy Chairperson - Jodi Truman
Jodi is a local long-term barrister who has undertaken litigation practice with specialisation in criminal and family law. Currently, Jodi is a legal member for the Mental Health Review Tribunal and a qualified Family Dispute Resolution practitioner, as well as a qualified Arbitrator under the Family Law Act.

Russell Goldflam
Russell is the Principal Legal Officer at NT Legal Aid Commission in Alice Springs.

Dr Rob Parker
Dr Parker is the President of Australian Medical Association NT and works at Northern Territory Government’s Department of Health. Dr Parker has extensive experience in the NT health sector, particularly with regards to the effects of alcohol on Aboriginal people.

Dr Charles Douglas
As a qualified doctor currently working in the Centre for Disease Control in Darwin, Dr Douglas has extensive experience in rehabilitation for people with alcohol problems. He has worked in Sierra Leone and Liberia, Somalia, Ethiopia and Vanuatu.

Mr Kenton Winsley
Kenton is a long-term NT resident. He has been registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency as an Aboriginal Health Practitioner for over 10 years. He has been a qualified paramedic for 13 years and has held senior roles within the public sector, including Director, Aboriginal Health Practitioner and Area Services Manager (Prison Health).

Lindsay Carmichael
Lindsay is a long-term NT resident, with a history of hospitality industry experience. Lindsay owned and operated the Daly Waters Pub from 1999 to 2017.

Pauline Reynolds
As the current Chief Executive Officer of Barkly Region Alcohol and Drug Abuse Advisory Group, Pauline is a registered nurse with post graduate qualifications in health, alcohol studies, and addiction. Pauline is highly experienced in drug and alcohol treatment in the NT.

Sandra Cannon
Sandra has significant senior level experience within local councils in four different states. She has spent many years living in remote communities across the NT.

Amy Corcoran
Amy worked as a commercial lawyer for six years, and then for eight years as the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Hotels Association NT. She has a good understanding of the hospitality industry from both a regulatory and operational perspective.

Blair McFarland
Blair is the Co-Manager of Central Australian Youth Link Up Service with 30 years’ experience in addressing substance abuse as well as experience with the correctional services.

Christine Hart
Christine is a long-term Pine Creek resident with with 47 years’ experience in the Australian Public Service and Northern Territory Public Service.

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Last updated: 11 April 2019


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