Liquor Commission


The Liquor Commission holds a hearing when it needs to exercise its powers and perform its functions, such as making decisions about liquor licenses under the Liquor Act 1978. This includes hearings about complaints, and applications for:

  • new liquor licences
  • a variation of the conditions of a liquor licence
  • substitution of other premises specified in a liquor licence
  • material alterations to licensed premises.

Hearings are open to the public, unless the Commission directs otherwise, to ensure that:

  • the Commission’s procedures and processes are subject to scrutiny
  • people involved in the matter can expand on any written submissions or objections they have made, and discuss issues with the Commission in a public forum
  • the Commission can explain its thinking and receive valuable feedback.

Audio and/or video recording of proceedings by the public (including media) is not allowed; and if holding a public hearing is likely to cause undue hardship to a person, the Commission will decide to hold part or all of the hearing in private.

Liquor Commission hearings are usually held at the Local Court. For information about court protocol and etiquette go to the Local Court website. Information about upcoming hearings can be found on the Attorney-General and Justice website.


At the end of a hearing, the Commission will consider the submissions and other evidence before it and make a decision. Depending on the complexity of the matter, the Commission may hand down its decision immediately, or reserve its decision to be delivered later.

After making a decision, the Commission will issue a decision notice. Copies of the decision notice will be given to key parties who will be affected by the decision, and will also be published on the Commission’s website. You can view decision notices issued by the Commission on the Attorney-General and Justice website.

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Last updated: 01 August 2019


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