Once the Liquor Commission, or its delegate, has made a decision in respect of a Liquor matter, either under the Liquor Act or under the Liquor Commission Act, a decision notice must be issued. A decision notice is a written notice setting out:

  1. the decision and the reasons for it; and
  2. any right the person to whom the notice is to be given has, under the Liquor Act, the Liquor Commission Act or the Licensing (Director-General) Act, to apply for a review of, or to appeal the decision.

Review of decisions

Under the Liquor Commission Act, the Liquor Commission can delegate its powers and functions under either the Liquor Commission Act or the Liquor Act to the Director-General of Licensing.

The Liquor Commission has the power to review decisions made by the Director-General of Licensing under the Liquor Act upon application by an affected person. In general terms, an affected person is someone who has been involved with the application or matter determined by the Director-General of Licensing, such as an applicant, a person who objected to an application, or a licensee who is the subject of a complaint.

An application for review must be made within 28 days after written notice of the Director-General of Licensing’s decision is given to the affected person. Although the Commission has the power to extend the time allowed for making an application, a person who believes they are an affected person should take steps as soon as possible to lodge an application for review. The application must clearly state the grounds on which it is made, and the facts relied on to establish the grounds for review.



Decision notice Decision date File
Application for variation of conditions of licence – AFL Northern Territory Ltd 09-01-2019 201.5 KB

Liquor Commission decisions by year

Decision made by the Liquor Commission from 2018 onwards can be accessed here.

Archived decisions

Decisions made about liquor before the Liquor Commission was established can be accessed here.

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Last updated: 10 January 2019