Read public submissions on reforms to mandatory sentencing


The NT Law Reform Committee received 20 submissions from a wide range of individuals, legal experts, and community groups for its enquiry into changing mandatory sentencing.

In a submission from Community Corrections, NTCS Assistant Commissioner Tracy Luke argued that repealing mandatory sentencing provisions would allow for more effective sentencing of offenders and appropriate use of community-based sentences. Ultimately, this would enhance community safety in the NT.

Glenice Grieve from Katherine explained the impact of the law on her son Zak Grieve, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for murder. She argued that mandatory sentencing does not make the community safer.

Judges, barristers and solicitors also made strong arguments to repeal mandatory sentencing.

You can read more from Acting Justice Dean Mildren, Territory Criminal Lawyers, Danila Dilba, Jesuit Social Services, Sisters Inside from Queensland and more.

NT Law Reform Committee publications

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