NT WorkSafe campaign aims to improve safety in the Territory


Emotive film clip strikes a chord with workers and businesses.

The NT WorkSafe ‘Homecomings’ campaign is a timely reminder to workers and businesses of the most important reason for being safe in the workplace—your family.

“The Northern Territory currently has the highest workplace fatality rate (five-year average) in Australia and we need to raise awareness to prioritise safety in the workplace,” said NT WorkSafe Acting Executive Director Mel Garde.

“Connecting workplace safety with the home and family gives us an emotional message that strikes a chord with many. Workplace safety campaigns are typically instructional and lack the emotional connection that can motivate workers and businesses to improve workplace safety.”

The locally produced digital and radio campaign which originally ran in 2013 tells the story of Territorians returning safely home from work to their loved ones.

The Attorney-General and Minister for Justice has also approved 10 new Codes of Practice for use in the Northern Territory, while another 14 Codes of Practice have been updated for technical accuracy, readability and clarification of basic duties.

Codes of Practice are a resource to help businesses and workers meet their regulatory requirements. They are admissible in court proceedings as evidence on what is known about a work place hazard or risk and how it can be managed.

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A list of the new and updated Codes of Practice is available on the NT WorkSafe website.

WorkSafe video capture image
An image capture from the WorkSafe video campaign.

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