Agents Licensing Board

The Northern Territory Agents Licensing Board is responsible for:

  • licensing real estate, business and conveyancing agents
  • registering agent representatives
  • investigating allegations about licensed agents and registered agent representatives
  • holding disciplinary inquiries against licensed agents and registered agent representatives. 

The board is established under Part 11 of the Agents Licensing Act.  Its activities and support services are funded by the Agents Licensing Fidelity Guarantee Fund of the Northern Territory. 

Agents Licensing Board members

  • chairperson: John Tsoukalis
  • department member: Jeff Stewart
  • consumer representative: Lea Aitken
  • real estate industry member: Diane Davis
  • real estate industry member: Jo-Anne Pulsford
  • conveyancing industry member: Diane Jarrett
  • conveyancing industry member: Rosemary Sullivan

The Minister for Racing, Gaming and Licensing is responsible for both:

  • appointing and reappointing board members for three-year terms.
  • and appointing alternate members to act when a member is unable to perform duties of office.

Hearing dates

Due to frequent changes, you should verify hearing dates by emailing

Eric and Robyn FitzgeraldJan Rodger and Jan Rodger Real Estate Pty LtdThursday, 6 April 2017, at 11.00 am

​Darwin Local Court, Court Room 9, Nichols Place, Corner of Cavenagh & Bennett Street, Darwin


Hearing decisions are published online.

Decision title Hearing date Word doc PDF file
Stephen Gray and Michelle Lee v Warren Andrews and Great Northern Real Estate Company Pty Ltd 01/10/2013 50.8 kb 737.0 kb
David Pryce and Sonya Pryce v Kate Skinner and Peter Neville 14/12/2010 40.4 kb 252.1 kb
Anthony Swords and Anna Swords v Timothy Crammond and Two Tone (NT) Pty Ltd 23/05/2011 40.5 kb 227.9 kb
Matt Adamson v Trevor Tschirpig Conveyancing Services 12/10/2011 46.4 kb 571.5 kb
Registrar or Land, Business and Conveyancing Agents v Michael Tolios 08/03/2012 47.2 kb 502.4 kb
Frances O'Toole v Julie Crummy 07/12/2011 39.5 kb 206.3 kb
Registrar of Land, Business and Conveyancing Agents v Dunlop and Wright Real Estate and May Dunlop 15/11/2011 40.3 kb 266.9 kb
Agents Licensing Board v First National Real Estate Framptons 11/09/2013 45.0 kb 451.8 kb
Debbie Hanson v Ironstone Realty 23/01/2014 40.5 kb 266.5 kb
Marchant and Frost v O'Donoghues 20/11/2014 43.6 kb 301.8 kb
Deputy Registrar of Land, Business and Conveyancing Agents v Your Real Estate (NT) and Manolis Karpasitis 20/10/2015 43.3 kb 54.0 kb


Deputy Registrar of Land, Business and Conveyancing Agents
Department of Business
Phone: (08) 8999 1307

Last updated: 22 March 2017