Issues paper - development of a central bond holding scheme in the NT

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All other Australian jurisdictions have mandatory rental deposit systems, except for the Northern Territory.  Whilst this topic has been the subject of ongoing discussion for more than a decade in the Territory, the status quo has been maintained in spite of impetus from a number of sources to move to establish a scheme.

An issues paper has now been released for discussion purposes and to elicit comment on a proposal to establish a rental deposit authority in the Northern Territory. Any views expressed in the issues paper are not to be taken to represent the final views of the Northern Territory Government, the Northern Territory Attorney-General and Minister for Justice or the Department of the Attorney-General and Justice.

This issues paper suggests that the establishment of a centralised bond holding scheme is the most efficient and equitable vehicle to promote fair dealing between property owners and tenants in the disbursement of the rental deposit. The issues paper also suggests that given the size of the Territory’s rental accommodation pool, the most cost effective way to manage such a scheme would be to leverage operational functions off an existing scheme in another jurisdiction.

You are invited to make submissions on the suggestions contained in the issues paper and on any related issues.

We are seeking your comments and feedback on the operations of the proposals by 31 May 2015.

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Last updated: 09 July 2015

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