Issues paper - Sharing of Personal Information in the event of Disasters

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Issues exist as to the legal basis on which governments can share personal information in the event of a local or non-local disaster or emergency situation that involves persons who are or have been residents of the Northern Territory.

An issues paper has now been released for discussion purposes and to elicit comment on the operation of the legislation. Any views expressed in the issues paper are not to be taken to represent the final views of the Northern Territory Government, the Northern Territory Attorney¬≠-General and Minister for Justice or the Department of the Attorney-General and Justice.

This issues paper suggests that the Information Act be amended so as to permit the use, collection or information during or within 28 days of a disaster or emergency with a right to do so for longer periods with the consent of the Information Commissioner. 
You are invited to make submissions on the suggestions contained in the issues paper and on any related issues. 

We are seeking your comments and feedback on the operations of the proposals by 30 September 2013.

Sharing of personal information in the event of disasters inside or out of the Northern Territory PDF (689.5 KB)

Comments and feedback should be sent to

Director Legal Policy
Department of the Attorney-General and Justice
GPO Box 1722
DARWIN  NT  0801

Or by email to

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