Victims Register

The Victims Register was established to address the concerns of victims of violent criminal offences and serious sexual offences. The Victims Register is a database which enables the Crime Victims Services Unit to provide registered victims and concerned persons with certain information about offenders. It also allows victims to make written submissions to the Parole Board in relation to relevant offenders (even if a victim is not registered on the Victims Register, the Parole Board will attempt to contact the victim because the inclusion of victim information in an offender’s parole report is a requirement.

For inquiries about an offender’s parole application, contact the Parole Board of the Northern Territory on (08) 8935 7477; or visit the Parole Board of the Northern Territory website.

Information provided to the Victims Register remains strictly confidential. Access to this information is strictly limited to staff with a genuine and essential need to have such access and will not be made available to offenders or other persons.

Last updated: 06 August 2019

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