Rehabilitation and Indigenous initiatives

The NT Correctional Services is delivering new initiatives and rehabilitation programs aimed at reducing the Northern Territory’s imprisonment rate by 15% to 20% and the re-offending rate by 10%.

New initiatives 

The following initiatives have been introduced: 

  • two community-based sentencing options, the Community Custody Order and the Community-Based Order, to divert offenders from the prison system into rehabilitation
  • a significant increase in community work
  • additional funding for better reintegration and support for offenders
  • the introduction of the Traffic Offender Intervention Program
  • more rehabilitation options
  • the expansion of alcohol and other drug treatment facilities
  • construction of the new Darwin Correctional Precinct
  • establishing post-release supported accommodation facilities in Darwin
  • establishing partnerships with non-government organisations to manage, operate and deliver rehabilitative and reintegrative programs for offenders.

Addressing offending behaviour

People are imprisoned and enter the correctional system because they have broken the law.

While in a correctional centre prisoners are expected to address their offending behaviour by attending group and individual interventions run by treatment staff - psychologists, social workers, and program facilitators.

Offence-related short-term programs available in the Northern Territory are:

  • educational drug and alcohol programs
  • problem-solving programs
  • drug and alcohol treatment programs
  • family violence programs.

Offence-specific long-term programs available in the Northern Territory are:

  • sex offender treatment programs
  • violent offender treatment programs
  • individual psychological interventions.

The Indigenous Consultative Committee has been formed with Correctional Services staff and community members to oversee the cultural appropriateness and responsiveness of these programs to ensure that they meet the specific needs of Indigenous participants.

Alcohol and other drug treatment beds

The Kalano Community Association has been funded to provide an additional nine alcohol and other drug treatment beds at Venndale in Katherine.

The funding for the management of these beds also provides for additional office space, refurbishment of the treatment area and expansion of the laundry and dining facilities.

The Central Australian Aboriginal Alcohol Programs Unit has also been funded for an additional six treatment beds in Alice Springs.

Last updated: 08 May 2015

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