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The Correctional Industries Advisory Council provides advice to assist with the implementation and development of prison industries in the Northern Territory by:

  • providing policy advice to the department which seeks to develop correctional industries and provide prisoners with employment opportunities, accredited vocational training and skills which lead to employment upon release 
  • guidance on appropriate correctional industries for capacity building for remote Indigenous communities
  • providing advice on business and enterprise or industrial project opportunities
  • guidance on work environments for prisoners and aspects of work health and safety
  • bringing a diversity of skills, perspectives and opinions in regards to the sustainable use of prison industries resources.

Roles and responsibilities 

The primary role of the council includes all of the following:

  • to promote the opportunities for prison industries to support local businesses with skilled labour, in particular skilled Indigenous people
  • to advise on appropriate business and enterprise opportunities or projects to build capacity, in particular selecting and pursuing the most suitable income-producing projects
  • identify and attract strategic partners with business synergies by establishing and maintaining effective networks and relationships with prospective clients and stakeholders
  • identify and attract local businesses to train and employ Indigenous people from corrective services as apprentices
  • report on the development of the correctional industries, including the maintenance of an effective grievance-handling mechanism
  • to encourage post-release work placement opportunities for prisoners.


Members include representatives from the department, peak employment bodies, industry, unions and the community.

To find out more about the council call (08) 8935 7472.

The Community Consultative Committee was set up to provide input at all stages of, and after, the commissioning of the Darwin Correctional Precinct.

The committee is responsible for considering and commenting on information provided by the Northern Territory (NT) Correctional Services.

It advises on current and emerging issues from a community prospective. The committee represents the needs of the local community and assists the department in keeping the community and stakeholders informed about progress.

Community representatives 


Superintendent Daniel Shean

NT Police
Mayor Allan McKayLitchfield Council
Peggy Cheong (president)Law Society NT
Betti Knott (treasurer)NT Council of Social Services
Nicki PetrouTop End Women's Legal Service
Major Lynne AylwardDepartment of Defence
June MillsLarrakia Nation
Lisa McKinney Smithindividual (ratepayer)
Jan Peters City of Palmerston
Reverend Paul AveryNT Council of Churches
Samuel Bush Blanasi (chairman)NT Land Council
Wayne Zerbe (president)Palmerston Regional Business Association

Department of Correctional Services representatives 

Mark PayneCommissioner
Tracy Watkinsacting general manager Darwin Correctional Precinct
Bill Carrollacting executive director Correctional Operations

Last updated: 12 April 2019

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