Past law reform consultation


Discussion Paper: Modernisation of the Anti-Discrimination Act


Proposals for consultation legislation Unit Titles Amendment Bill 2016

Domestic and Family Violence (Recognition of Domestic Violence Orders) Bill

Discussion paper - eviction of caravan park residents not covered by Part 15 of the Caravan Parks Act

Discussion paper – reducing red tape for retail shop leases: review of the business tenancies (Fair Dealing) Act


Comment sought on issues paper - Personal Violence Restraining Orders Bill 2015 

Comment sought on Domestic and Family Violence Act

Comment sought on consultation bill and proposed risk management strategy regarding amendment to the evidence (National Uniform Legislation) Act 

Public Consultation Session - Darwin - Justice Law Reform Update

Comment sought on Consultation bill and proposed risk management strategy regarding amendment to the Evidence (National Uniform Legislation) Act

Issues paper - development of a central bond holding scheme in the Northern Territory

Draft Consultation Bill - Criminal code amendment (Sexual offences) Bill


Review of the Community Justice Centre Act discussion paper September 2014

Draft Discussion Bill - Fuel Price Disclosure Bill

Reform of unit titles’ termination laws

Consultation on the draft Local Court Bill 2014

Consultation on the draft Justice and other legislation Amendment (Summary Procedure) Bill 2014


Reform of Summary Offences

Issues paper - Sharing of Personal Information in the event of Disasters inside or out of the Northern Territory

Legal Representation and Jurisdictional Limit in Small Claims

Advance Personal Planning Bill – Public consultation

OPCAT - Monitoring of Places of Detention (Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture) (National Uniform Legislation) Bill 2013

Advance Personal Planning Bill 2013 - Issues Paper

Enforcement of Articles and By-Laws Under the Unit Titles Act and The Unit Title Schemes Act and Other Issues

Issues Paper - Issues raised for the review of the Victims of Crime Assistance Act

Cancellation of units plans and schemes


Issues Paper - Business Tenancies (Fair Dealings) Act Review


Report providing data outcomes of 2010 committals law reform

Proposed Uniform Evidence Act for the Northern Territory

Review of Summary of Offences Act 


Consultation Paper: Response to the High Court decision in Crofts


Proposal for a national model to harmonise regulation of surrogacy - January 2009

Draft Unit Titles Scheme Bill 2009


Draft bill domestic and family violence amendment bill 2008

Draft Bill Model Spent Convictions Bill


Paper: Domestic Violence Act

Draft Bill: Legal Practitioners Act 2006

Discussion Paper: Model Criminal Code Officers Committee of the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General, reviewing the criminal law relating to drink spiking


Discussion Paper: Unauthorised Photographs on the Internet and Ancillary   Privacy Issues

Discussion Bill seeking comment on proposed whistleblower protection legislation


Review of Proportionate Liability Law

Discussion Paper seeking input to Whistleblowers Protection Legislation

Discussion Paper seeking input to the review of the Juvenile Justice   Act


Discussion Paper on Whistleblowers Legislation pdf (110.2 kb)

Last updated: 12 April 2018