Adjudicators determinations


This page lists all published decisions of adjudicators made under the Construction Contracts (Security of Payments) Act and Registrar’s reports.

The decisions have been redacted to remove the names of the parties and any other information that might identify the parties.

The list includes both decisions to dismiss applications on jurisdictional grounds (for example there is no payment dispute to determine because there was no valid payment claim to trigger a dispute, or because the application was brought out of time), and determinations of disputes.

It also includes adjudicators’ written acceptances of the withdrawals of applications and consequential cost decisions, and the Registrar’s reports of decisions that cannot be published without identifying the building project involved and the parties to the application.

Determination numbers

Adjudicator determinations and decisions are numbered by reference to the adjudicator’s registration number (see List-of-registered-adjudicators), the year in which they were appointed to make the determination, and the number of adjudication appointments that adjudicator has had in that year, up to and including the application, the subject of the determination in question.

For example, if the adjudicator’s number is 26 and the determination arises from his or her 6th appointment in 2017, the determination number will be 26.17.06.

Adj NoYearDet NoType of Determination
23201801Determination (pdf 90.3 kb)
26201801Determination (pdf 104.0 kb)
35201801Determination (pdf 1.2 mb)
66201801Determination (pdf 926.3 kb)
52201801Determination (pdf 137.1 kb)
54201801Determination (pdf 25.5 kb)
39201804Determination (pdf 2.2 mb)
66201801Determination (pdf 487.7 kb)
34201502Determination (pdf 294.9 kb)
26201501Determination (pdf 394.2 kb)
34201501Determination (pdf 356.7 kb)
18201501Determination (pdf 186.8 kb)
17201401Determination (pdf 45.4 kb)
26201405Determination (pdf 425.7 kb)
26201404Determination (pdf 353.1 kb)
43201402Determination (pdf 148.0 kb)
28201401Determination (pdf 405.9 kb)
24201403Determination (pdf 75.4 kb)
34201406Determination (pdf 674.8 kb)
26201402Determination (pdf 463.5 kb)
26201408Determination (pdf 72.7 kb)
34201401Determination (pdf 395.3 kb)
34201402Determination (pdf 367.9 kb)
34201404Determination (pdf 632.4 kb)
19201401Determination (pdf 287.6 kb)
22201401Determination (pdf 266.7 kb)
26201407Determination (pdf 80.7 kb)
26201409Determination (pdf 76.8 kb)
26201406Determination (pdf 446.8 kb)
26201401Determination (pdf 68.6 kb)
10201401Determination (pdf 9.8 kb)
09201401Determination (pdf 528.9 kb)
43201401Determination (pdf 59.2 kb)
35201401Determination (pdf 969.7 kb)
26201410Determination (pdf 80.6 kb)
02201401Determination (pdf 26.8 kb)
27201401Determination (pdf 712.5 kb)
CJC201401Determination (pdf 219.6 kb)
26201411Determination (pdf 80.9 kb)
01201401Determination (pdf 560.3 kb)
35201403Determination (pdf 1.2 mb)
34201403Determination (pdf 303.4 kb)
39201402Determination (pdf 350.4 kb)
39201405Determination (pdf 853.8 kb)
39201403Determination (pdf 768.0 kb)
39201404Determination (pdf 634.8 kb)
25201302Determination (pdf 211.3 kb)
24201301Determination (pdf 351.9 kb)
17201301Determination (pdf 72.4 kb)
20201302Determination (pdf 218.1 kb)
CJC201301Determination (pdf 143.6 kb)
26201301Determination (pdf 170.7 kb)
18201301Determination (pdf 42.8 kb)
39201301Determination (pdf 130.5 kb)
34201302Determination (pdf 76.5 kb)
34201301Determination (pdf 112.8 kb)
16201201Determination (pdf 211.9 kb)
27201201Determination (pdf 415.7 kb)
28201201Determination (pdf 119.5 kb)
02201201Determination (pdf 276.8 kb)
16201201Determination (pdf 307.0 kb)
19201101Determination (pdf 272.3 kb)
18201101Determination (pdf 219.2 kb)
17201101Determination (pdf 212.4 kb)
01201101Determination (pdf 273.7 kb)
18201004Determination (pdf 238.5 kb)
26201001Determination (pdf 213.4 kb)
18201001Determination (pdf 223.5 kb)
24201001Determination (pdf 272.7 kb)
17201001Determination (pdf 240.1 kb)
20201001Determination (pdf 353.0 kb)
24201002Determination (pdf 194.1 kb)
23201001Determination (pdf 164.3 kb)
22201001Determination (pdf 254.3 kb)
18201002Determination (pdf 243.4 kb)
18201003Determination (pdf 137.2 kb)
23201002Determination (pdf 175.5 kb)
16200904Determination (pdf 427.6 kb)
17200901Determination (pdf 281.2 kb)
17200902Determination (pdf 242.4 kb)
16200902Determination (pdf 158.3 kb)
16200903Determination (pdf 197.9 kb)
07200901Determination (pdf 274.9 kb)
CJC200901Determination (pdf 167.5 kb)
09200901Determination (pdf 417.0 kb)
16200901Determination (pdf 157.2 kb)
18200903Determination (pdf 177.2 kb)
16200902Determination (pdf 223.0 kb)
18200909Determination (pdf 155.1 kb)
23200902Determination (pdf 279.3 kb)
23200901Determination (pdf 287.5 kb)
23200903Determination (pdf 187.1 kb)
18200904Determination (pdf 165.8 kb)
18200901Determination (pdf 160.2 kb)
24200901Determination (pdf 367.8 kb)
18200905Determination (pdf 233.2 kb)
18200902Determination (pdf 297.6 kb)
18200908Determination (pdf 202.9 kb)
18200907Determination (pdf 310.0 kb)
23200904Determination (pdf 233.7 kb)
18200906Determination (pdf 162.2 kb)
18200803Determination (pdf 138.5 kb)
16200806Determination (pdf 204.7 kb)
16200804Determination (pdf 183.0 kb)
16200805Determination (pdf 278.0 kb)
16200801Determination (pdf 178.5 kb)
16200802Determination (pdf 153.8 kb)
01200801Determination (pdf 327.3 kb)
03200801Determination (pdf 440.6 kb)
11200801Determination (pdf 164.6 kb)
18200801Determination (pdf 250.1 kb)
16200803Determination (pdf 169.7 kb)
18200802Determination (pdf 179.5 kb)
19200801Determination (pdf 215.9 kb)
18200705Determination (pdf 216.9 kb)
16200703Determination (pdf 296.4 kb)
19200702Determination (pdf 234.7 kb)
02200701Determination (pdf 194.1 kb)
16200702Determination (pdf 186.6 kb)
18200704Determination (pdf 219.7 kb)
18200701Determination (pdf 474.4 kb)
17200701Determination (pdf 284.3 kb)
16200701Determination (pdf 264.5 kb)
18200703Determination (pdf 213.6 kb)
19200701Determination (pdf 269.0 kb)
18200702Determination (pdf 227.6 kb)
12200601Determination (pdf 218.5 kb)
16200601Determination (pdf 218.5 kb)
CJC200602Determination (pdf 233.4 kb)
CJC200601Determination (pdf 236.9 kb)
11200611Determination (pdf 152.6 kb)

Last updated: 01 August 2018

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