Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Tribunal

The Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Tribunal was established under Part 6 of the Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Act which came into effect on 1 July 2013.

The Tribunal is constituted of persons appointed by the Minister and come from the following backgrounds:  

  • lawyers with at least five years’ experience as a legal practitioner

  • medical practitioners, or other suitably qualified health practitioners, who have a special interest or expertise in the general care, health care, rehabilitation or treatment of persons who are misusing alcohol

  • Community members who have a special interest or expertise in the issues facing persons who might appear before the Tribunal.

What the Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Act does

The Act aims to assist and protect misusers of alcohol and others around them from harm by providing for the mandatory assessment, treatment and management of those misusers. 

The tribunal aims to help alcohol misusers by:

  • stabilising and improving health
  • improving their social functioning through appropriate therapeutic and other life and work skills interventions
  • restoring their capacity to make decisions about their alcohol use and personal welfare
  • improving their access to ongoing treatment to reduce the risk of relapse.

 If you are given an Alcohol Mandatory Treatment order

What is the process?

Adults who are taken into police protective custody three or more times in two months for being intoxicated in public will be referred to the alcohol mandatory treatment system.

They will be clinically assessed and the tribunal will decide the best treatment options for that person.

This may include treatment for up to three months in a secure residential treatment facility, treatment in a community residential treatment facility or other form of community management (including income management).

During their treatment, clients will be offered a range of development programs, including the skills and work readiness programs.  On completion of their treatment, clients will be provided with an aftercare program to support them when they return home.

Members of the Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Tribunal 

Tom Berkleypresident / legal member
Sally Gearinvice president / legal member
Suzi Kapetaslegal member
Gabrielle Martinlegal member
Amanda Nobbs-Carcurolegal member
John Tooheylegal member
Paul Rysavyhealth member
Louise Samwayshealth member
Kate Crawleyhealth member
Phil Walcotthealth member
John Bonehamcommunity member
Robert Kendrickcommunity member
Heather Kingcommunity member
Garry Lambertcommunity member
Beth Walkercommunity member

Practice Directions


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Last updated: 12 December 2016