Scheme Monitoring Committee

The Scheme Monitoring Committee is established by section 141 of the Return to Work Act . The function of the Scheme Monitoring Committee is to:

  • monitor the viability and performance of the workers' compensation scheme
  • monitor premium rates offered for workers' compensation in the Northern Territory
  • receive submissions from persons relating to premium rates charged for workers' compensation insurance policies in the Northern Territory and elsewhere
  • monitor and publish data on overall underwriting results
  • advise the Minister on the basis of its consideration of information it obtains
  • consider and report on the effectiveness of the premiums offered by insurers in both
    • encouraging employers to develop and maintain safe working practices
    • penalising employers that do not maintain safe working practices.


The Scheme Monitoring Committee has the following members:

  • Stephen Gelding, Chair
  • Andrew Fronsko
  • Brett Hagan
  • Colin Chilcott
  • George Roussos
  • Kathryn Cannon.

Last updated: 27 March 2018